Friday, January 27, 2012


File:Profile of a Young Fiancee - da Vinci.jpg

She graces the center of my new copy of National Geographic. I love this article and can't stop gawking at this image. (Notice how you can make out the shape of her ear beneath her hair. Such detail!)

Even my two-year-old son admired it. He called it Pwetty Daughter. The art world is calling it La Bella Principessa; though the young girl was not really a princess, she was the daughter of the Duke of Milan. So Pretty Daughter really is a more appropriate name for this piece!

Is it the work of Leonardo da Vinci?
A good bit of evidence suggests that it is. (Even a fingerprint!)

Then there are the critics who claim it's a fake.
(Prior to the 20th century, there's no provenance.)

Follow the links, weigh the facts, then let me know what you think!

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