Monday, March 12, 2012

Sea Fever?

I confess when I switched over from the WEM autobiography list to join some others who are reading the novel list, there was one book I was not looking forward to: Moby-Dick. If I had continued on this journey by myself I might have skipped it.

But I'm not going to skip it. I'm going to read it. And unlike Susan Wise Bauer, my revered guide, I intend on reading all of it.

I would be happy to keep my feet planted firmly on dry land. Don't get me wrong -- I love the ocean as much as the next person, but I'm quite happy to enjoy it from the beach. If I am able to keep up with my normal reading pace, I will be on the Pequod for three weeks. 
I've really pulled out all the stops for this one. I mean I am prepared. I read the new "appetizer", Why Read Moby-Dick?, by Nathaniel Philbrick over the weekend. My Penguin deluxe paperback edition of Moby-Dick arrived a few days ago. I even loaded the unabridged Audible version, read by Frank Muller, onto my Kindle. 
The plan is to read the printed text while listening to the audio version so I can experience the "poetry"  everyone is talking about read aloud. I chose the Frank Muller version because he talks fast. It should take just over 21 hours.
Also I have my friends at A Classic Case of Madness who will be suffering from sea-sickness along with me. Misery loves company, right?
Here they are: Appetizer and Main Course

What have I got myself into?


  1. Oh my... have we met before? I am smitten. A classical education, I've always dreamed of such a thing.

    And your list of favourite movies.. oh my... many threads connecting us there too!

    And you mention our beloved Victoria magazine (for me it's the old classics that remain steadfastly in my heart).

    As Anne with an e would attest to, there are more kindred spirits in this world than I first suspected. And it would appear you are one!

    So glad you left your footprint in my comment box.

    Wishing you glimpses............

  2. PS. I enjoyed this posting. Your photos remind me of my own neck of the woods... the land, the skies, the trees.

    Do we live in similar regions? I'm from northerly Alberta Canada? And thou?

  3. Of course... now I remember.... I was feeling that sense of deja vu (sp?)......

    As soon as you mention the difficult pregnancy, I nodded. Funny thing then, I was just thinking about you the other day, because I figured that baby would have bounced out long ago by now.

    Lovely to cross paths again!!!

  4. PS... (sorry, I've filled up your comment box with my words)...

    but how old is the new baby and boy/girl? Name?

  5. I just picked up my copy of "Why Read M-D?" from the library this evening. I whizzed through the first two pages before I realized that I should probably just be reading M-D. *sigh*

    Oh, and the pictures are beautiful. Again.

  6. My precious little girl was born via emergency c-section, but praise God she is completely fine. Perfect actually:)

    Doesn't every mother think HER baby is absolutely perfect? That is how it should be I guess.

    I think I still have your email address Brenda. I will send you a picture.

    Oh and I love comments:) No worries.

  7. I am encouraged by your enthusiasm for Moby-Dick. I settled down to business yesterday and read exactly one chapter. The voyage begins.

  8. Wait till you get to chapter 3 Christine -- it's LOL funny.


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