Friday, November 30, 2012

Special Announcement: Return of the Native Synchro-Read

Join me tomorrow morning (December 1) on Facebook as I start the "Return of the Native Synchro-Read". My plan is to read two chapters per day and finish before the end of the year! The more the merrier! If you're not planning to read along, you're still welcome to stop by and cheer us on. (And while you're there, don't forget to "like" Classical Quest.)


  1. I'll be looking forward to your comments on the book! I tried reading it when I was in college and couldn't get past the first couple of chapters or three. :(

    1. Sometimes reading along with friends makes all the difference! (It's like a funny movie -- funny, yes -- but HYSTERICAL when you watch it with the right person!)

      A few other people have told me that Native is tough to get through. If we all hold hands and trudge through the heath TOGETHER, I suspect it will be a much better experience. :)


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