Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dear Friends, I made this for you today.

I'm in a general holiday bustle today. 

Busy, busy, busy!

But a little while ago, I stopped to think,
If I could give my readers one gift today, what would it be . . . hmm . . . yes, I know just the thing -- one of my favorite quotes from Anna Karenina!
I took a picture of some fabric out of my daughter's sewing kit for the background.

Hope you like it.




  1. That is a wonderful quote, Adriana. There's an old saying that I think is actually rather horrid, but your Tolstoy quote reminded me of it:

    A man marries a woman hoping she'll never change. A woman marries a man hoping he will.

    I like Tolstoy's take better!

    1. My mother has always said: "Expectations kill relationships." I've observed this to be true, though it's really hard to shed expectations sometimes!

      And yes, I've found Tolstoy to be very wise indeed! (I sorely miss him, now that I'm moving on to Hardy!I like Hardy just fine -- He uses a lot of neat similes and stuff, but Tolstoy struck a chord with me.)

      p.s. I can't wait to read the Karen Swallow Prior book you recommended yesterday! I had sort of decided to hold off on my side reading for a while, but now I'm finding myself plotting for time! :)

  2. Beautiful quote, Adriana, love it! :)


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