Thursday, December 13, 2012

Invisible Friendship

Recently, I found some letters. 

Written by hand

A whole correspondence from across two continents, spanning seven years between my best friend and me. (I now have both sets.)

I uncovered them from deep storage and I'm in the process of carefully reading each one.

Finding these letters was an event. I expect they will find their way into my blog posts for quite some time.

This morning, as I set out to walk through the cold, crunchy fields near my home, I pondered this quote which I had copied into a letter in January of 1995:
Familiarity sometimes renders people physically invisible, for you find yourself talking to the heart -- to the essence . . . rather than to the face. ~Michael Welzenbach

I understand this quote is referring to when you are in someone's actual presence and you know the person so well they become physically invisible to you. You don't notice their "warts," so to speak. 

But to me, the quote describes the way I used to feel about receiving letters from my dear friend, Jeni. We were forced apart physically through life circumstances, yet through our letters we drew closer than ever before.

And that is how I've come to feel about blogging. We sit behind our computer screens and we share  what matters to us. Bit by bit we crack open the door of our souls and allow others to peer in.

I have always been more transparent in letters than I am able to be in person. (Maybe this is also why I often think of the writers of the classics as my personal friends.)
As I mentioned yesterday, I'm into making what I call "cyber-samplers" lately. Here's a new one for you --

Love to all,



  1. Blogging as a stripping away. Oh my word. I wonder how much of myself I thought should stay covered I have instead inadvertently revealed.

    1. Yes, I know what you mean: once we click "publish", it's out there for good! It's scary. However, writing in a journal that no one will ever read feels like talking to a wall. I need to communicate with others! A prayer for discernment normally keeps me from revealing more than I should about what I feel.

  2. I would give almost anything to have all of the letters I've sent/received from family and friends. (Before the time of email) I think it's fantastic that you have those!

    1. They are treasures for sure. Each one is a time capsule. We did not have a computer when I lived at home. (My parents still don't!) I'm pretty sure my friend didn't have one either, at least in the beginning. And of course the internet was still so new then. I took it upon myself to keep her updated on everything I could think of. :)

  3. Those pictures are absolutely stunning - well done! :D


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