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The Pride and Prejudice in Our Story: Conclusion

Honeymoon 2001
If you've missed the first two posts in this series, you will want to read Part One and Part Two before reading the conclusion to "The Pride and Prejudice in Our Story" The following is an excerpt from Part Two:
"You got a call tonight from ...FROM A YOUNG MAN!"
"Who?" I was truly surprised.
"He said his name was Joe. He called your house first and your dad gave him the number here."
"He called here? Joe called here?"
"Well honey," she waved her hands in the air excitedly, "aren't you going to call him back?"
 +  +  +  +  +  + +  +  +

On the first date-second time around (two years after the first date), Joe showed up at my house wearing a light blue oxford. He smelled of aftershave. My heart was fluttering. As he greeted my parents I observed him. He seemed taller. His shoulders were so broad. His hands were . . . 

Well, you get the idea.

We went to a seafood restaurant. After dinner, we sat in the parking lot and talked. He was working as an estimator for a construction company now. He was thinking of going to Bible college. Our communication was pleasant --very low key. I enjoyed it, but I was still being cautious with my heart. 

I did feel a physical attraction to him, yet I was still unclear as to where the relationship should go. After this date, we went out several times, and nothing changed. I felt neither more nor less sure about whether he was the one. But I liked being with him and I was determined to be more patient that I had been before. So each time he asked me out, I said yes.

Though we spent ample time alone together, he attempted nothing which would compromise my conscience. One day he told me he was resolved to win me "though honesty and integrity". I thought this was especially noteworthy. 

When did my heart turn to him? When did I first realize that he might actually be the man I would pass through life with?

It happened when our canoe tipped.

Joe had planned a canoe trip for the two of us just outside of town. There were options: you could book a 3 mile, 5 mile, or 10 mile trip. He reserved the 10 mile trip. He told me later that we were getting nowhere by going out to fancy restaurants and movies for a few hours at a time. His plan was to spend the greater part of a day with me in the wild. He felt certain this would provide his best opportunity to win me over.

The morning of the canoe trip, my friend Debbie called.

"So what do you think?" she asked. "Could he be the one?"

"Honestly Debbie, I don't know which way this relationship is going to go. I like him just fine, but I'm not in love."

Joe packed a cooler full of goodies for our journey. I thought he looked nice in a green T-shirt and khaki shorts. He guided me to the front of the canoe. I reached for an oar.

"You don't need to row." he said. "Put it down. Let me row for us."

I contemplated this for a second. I felt a bit odd just sitting there like the Queen of Sheba. But he was insistent; his offer was sincere. I recognized the effort he had put into planning things. I didn't want to make him feel deflated, so I put down the oar.

For the next five miles Joe was my gondolier. I grabbed the oar a few times to help steer, but replaced it reverently on the floor of the boat when it was not needed.

We hit some rapids. The boat tipped. I flew into the water and bounced up drenched . . . and laughing! He was soaked too. All at once, we were laughing together. . .

laughing about how ridiculous we both were,

laughing because it felt good to be young and alone with each other on a splendid summer day.

And as we laughed, all that was left of my pride and prejudice -- broke loose and floated away.

We waded up the river pulling the boat along. It felt right to be pulling together with someone. When we got back in the canoe, I rowed too.

And Joe told me I was the most special woman he had ever known.

This time his sincere feelings fell softly over me and settled into the virgin soil of my heart,

And there my love for him began to grow.

This concludes "The Pride and Prejudice in Our Story". I would love to read your love stories. Please share!


  1. Your husband sounds like a true gentleman! This is a lovely love story and you seem like the perfect couple. Like I said, Darcy and Elizabeth have nothing on you. :-)

    1. Well, thank you. :)

      You are right, my husband IS a true gentleman. My respect for his honesty and integrity has increased through the years.

      We have what I would call a passionate marriage. My pride still flares up occasionally, but somehow Joe keeps on loving me in spite of myself. ;)

  2. This has been a very special treat. I have enjoyed it very much.

    1. Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it, Christine! Blessings to you and yours! :)

  3. Aw, what a great story!

    Mine is a bit shorter. I want to hear other people's too...

    1. Oh Jean! -- I am on bended knee begging you to share your story! Pleeease! :D

    2. Well, but I'd feel weird putting on my blog! Maybe I will--there are too many funny bits to put in a comment. We met when he got back from serving a mission for our church in Chile. He was skinny (dysentery!) and wearing a terrible blue suit and owned 4 t-shirts, one of which had Ren and Stimpy on it. And he had a hilarious tan-line around his neck too. Here, this is our wedding picture.

    3. Oh my heavens! LOVE that picture! You both have the sweetest expressions. And that story is precious.

      Was that lavender and lily of the valley in your bouquet?
      Beautiful. :)

      BTW, Long comments are always welcome here!

  4. Such a great story! :-) I love now it's the REAL things in life, the tipped canoes and crazy moments that really win our hearts. So glad you guys are together. :-)

    1. Thanks friend. :)

      And yes, You've nailed it. It truly is the REAL things that win us! It seems you and Bear are having a ball carving out a life on your Aussie farm. It does my heart good to know you are safe and happy! ♥

  5. When I have a great love story instead of a heartbreak and survival story then I will share. In the meantime it's wonderful to hear that true love is still possible :)

    1. jo, My heart hurts for you. I'm praying now for your healing and that God will bless you with a husband who will cherish your beautiful spirit.

      Love & blessings, dear one.

  6. This is absolutely outstanding, Adriana. And from what I can see, here's hwo you both realized you should be together.

    First, Joe had to get kicked in the head by a bull to get his thinking straight.

    Second, you had to go soak your head in a river to wash away the doubts.

    Hmm, I think this is a courtship routine that can really catch on.


    1. Oh, Tim! You are too funny. :D

      We were two hard cases that's for sure! But poor Joe got the raw end of the deal -- Ouch! I only had to go for a swim which wasn't so bad! ;)

  7. Aw! Your husband is a gentleman. I can picture you and him in a canoe. :)

    Now i want a joe of my own too. haha.
    THank you for sharing your love story with us. It's been wonderful.

    1. Thank you for reading, tabulyogang! I'm so glad you are part of my quest now. :)

      Each season of life has its special qualities. Blessings to you as you wait for God's best.

  8. I've really enjoyed this series--thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  9. Thank you for sharing your story -- I loved every installment! : )

    1. It was a joy to share it with friends. :)
      I'm glad to know you enjoyed!


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