Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Quote: Pride & Prejudice

"Her teeth are tolerable but not out of the common way . . . "
Caroline Bingley has a crush on Mr. Darcy. The problem is Elizabeth Bennet. Darcy has already admitted he thinks Elizabeth has fine eyes. Now that Caroline has had a chance to observe Darcy's admiration of Elizabeth while in her company she has resorted to hurling low-down dirty insults. As Jane Austen points out: " . . . this was not the best method of recommending herself; but angry people are not always wise."

"How very ill [Elizabeth] Bennet looks this morning, Mr. Darcy," [Caroline Bingley] cried; " I never in my life saw any one so much altered as she is since the winter. She is grown so brown and coarse! Louisa and I were agreeing that we should not have known her again . . . For my own part, I must confess that I never could see any beauty in her. Her face is too thin; her complexion has no brilliancy  and her features are not at all handsome. Her nose wants character -- there is nothing marked in its lines. Her teeth are tolerable but not out of the common way; and as for her eyes, which has sometimes been called so fine, I never could perceive anything extraordinary in them. They have a sharp, shrewish look which I do not like at all; and in her air altogether there is a self-sufficiency without fashion, which is intolerable."
Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice (ch. 45)

For a great post on the subject of jealousy visit Tim Fall's recent post at Just One Train Wreck After Another.

Hope you have a marvelous weekend! See you Sunday for "Classics and the Bible Sundays."


  1. thanks for the shout-our, Adriana. I love how JA slyly notes that bit about angry people and wisdom! I have an Austen quote going up tomorrow too.


    1. No problem. It's a good post. Glad to recommend it.

      I agree with you about JA's nugget of truth. Good stuff!

      Looking forward to your Austen post! :)

  2. Great quote -- I love your egg, too. Easter project?

    1. From last year, yes. :D
      Thanks for reading, as always!

    2. Oh, and one more thing: thanks for always being patient with me as I splatter comma splices all over the web. I know that has got to drive the writing instructor in you crazy! I did it three times yesterday; however, I am resolved to slow down now.

      I repent in dust and ashes. :)

    3. Go and sin no more. :-) Anyhoo, comma splices are much more acceptable when they're slower.

      I do try to separate work from pleasure, punctuationally speaking. :-) And reading Jane Austen just throws all the rules out the window, doesn't it? Periods followed by dashes, exclamation marks followed by dashes ... And Let's not get Started on Emily Dickinson --

    4. Jeannie, you are such a good sport! :D

      I'm glad you consider blogging with me a pleasure and not tiresome work!

      I HAVE noticed Jane's free and easy punctuation now that you mention it! But then, she was educated much in much the same manner as me -- mostly by reading at home. I forgive her. :)

      Here's an interesting article from The Guardian "Pride, Predjudice and Poor Punctuation":

    5. I mean "educated in the same manner as I" Bahaha...

  3. Such a lovely portrait of Lizzy B. I would like to see the whole cast of characters done this way!

    1. Why, thank you! I'll pass on your compliment and idea to our artist in residence. :) I think it's a great portrait too; it has both fine eyes and tolerable teeth.

  4. I have a lot of catching up to do! Im way too behind! I missed a lot of good posts too! I shall make one big comment here for all the past posts :)

    I like how jealous Caroline Bingley is of Elizabeth. I like it, like it. haha

    And in your opening up post. I love that you recited a poem to your principal. Haha. I did a declamation in front of my principal too when I was in elementary.

    And also, I thought it fantastic to have an author you liked on your guest blog! I will read her post next time! It's too long. haha

    30 minutes from now we will have our final exam. haha I dont know what to expect, our professor already has grades for us! (i'll try to limit all the haha and hehe, haha)

    Thanks! God bless!

    1. tabulyogang! Please don't stop laughing on my blog!! I LOVE it! :) Feel free to hehe and haha all you want and know that I am laughing right along with you!:D

      Have you written a post about the poem you recited to your principal? I would enjoy reading about that.

      Blessings on your final exam! You're probably finished by now. Hope it went well! Take care dear one!

    2. Oh and tabulyogang -- I really hope you will take the time to read Karen Swallow Prior's guest post. I think you will love it!


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