Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Big Hairy Audacious Goals

I cannot go one step further on my quest without pausing to recognize the achievements of my friend Carol Weaver from The Well.

I discovered Carol's blog shortly after I started Classical Quest. What a thrill it was to find someone who had actually finished the Well-Educated Mind lists! I discovered that Carol is not only well-educated, she is a well-balanced, largehearted wife, mother, and friend. I love her sense of adventure! I love how her faith in God comes through in her writing. You can't read Carol's blog for long before you notice just how much she loves life!

Carol has read a lot of books. Not only has she completed the WEM lists, she has completed other lists as well. She calls these accomplishments her BHAGs for "Big Hairy Audacious Goals."

In the past 555 weeks she has read 287 classics.

I think all the reading she has done through the years has served her well. Yes, I believe she just might be an example of what reading widely can to for a person of faith. If reading makes us more human, then Carol is very human indeed!

A mind full of books.
This could be a portrait of Carol Weaver's mind. (Via Pinterest)
Now, hop over to Carol's blog and read this post about her experience with classic literature. Don't forget to comment on her post!


  1. Speaking of classics, like Anna Karenina - I just finished. What did you get out of it? I took it as essentially the book of Ecclesiastes played out on an epic scale.

    1. Ooh -- I had not thought of that, Nick! Very interesting!


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