Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fowl Company

Whenever we spot a wild turkey near our home it's cause for some excitement. I shush the little ones. My husband fetches his binoculars.

Sometimes turkey can be seen foraging in a distant field, but they often disappear into the undergrowth of nearby woods before I have a chance to point them out to my kids.

Through the years we've all practiced calling turkeys. We own a wooden box-call and a few mouth pieces which help to create realistic gobbling, cackling, and clucking sounds. Once I heard a turkey nearby while I was reading on my front porch and I called it into our yard with just my voice! Oh boy -- was I proud of myself! 

So you can imagine how surprised I was when I started to go out my back door and I saw this ---

"No more turkey dinners! Is that clear?!"

Senior picture -- class of 2013

"Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Wattle who?
Wattle I do if you don't open the door?"

"Tell Mommy to buy tofu!"

"♫ I get lost in your eyes
And I feel my spirits rise
And soar like the wind
Is it love that I am in?♫"

How did this happen? We were all bumfuzzled! Two turkeys just showed up at our back door out of the blue! So I put the pictures on Facebook. A few days later a woman messaged me to say that her friend had decided to let his pet turkeys go wild. He dropped them off at the farm behind us and their dogs chased them to our place. 

P.S. I want to give credit to  Jeannie Prinsen for inspiring some of the captions today. :)


  1. We have tons of wild turkeys around our place Adriana. They're awesome birds! Love your captions too.

    1. Thanks, Tim. Have you ever tried to call one in? It's a lot like yodeling. :)

  2. I love the knock knock wattle joke :-)

  3. So glad you posted about this -- they're such great pictures!

    1. Thanks, Jeannie!! What they have to do with classic literature I could not tell you! Perhaps, when I get to the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, I will find a good turkey quote. ;)

    2. Flannery O'Connor has a story "The Turkey" -- maybe there's a tie-in there! She's a classic in my books.

    3. I'll have to check that story out! :)

  4. That is hilarious!! :-) What a surprise! Reminds me of the morning I woke up to find two SHEEP in with our goats. :-)


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