Monday, July 29, 2013

Cyber-Samplers for Just One Train Wreck After Another

My friend Tim Fall over at Just One Train Wreck After Another has posted a couple of my designs today. I'm so excited! 

I like to call my quote pictures "cyber-samplers" because I used to create needlework samplers as gifts before I discovered the internet. The process of creating quote pictures feels similar to me. I get a thrill out of matching a quote to just the right image. And it's really fun to create a cyber-sampler surprise for a blog friend after he or she posts an especially quotable quote. I'm learning as I go! I'm sure I would benefit from some lessons in computer graphics; if you have any experience with such things, I would appreciate your tips!

The following two images are not the cyber-samplers I made for the Train Wreck; they are the photos I started with. I took these photos in a town near my home. Tim is asking his readers to vote on the images at his blog today. So please go over to the Train Wreck and vote, then read his great post on lust that inspired me!


  1. Great pics, Adriana, and what great samplers you made for my blog from them! Thanks oodles and boodles!


    P.S. I'm a dork because I use phrases like oodles and boodles.

    1. Tim, I always tell my cool kids that if they ever feel tempted to make fun of a dork they should remember that their mother is a dork. Dorks have feelings and they matter too!

      Today's postings were fun! Thanks for sharing! :)


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